1. The Hunter Party must have a valid Texas hunting license upon executing this Agreement.
  2. The Hunter Party must follow and adhere to all local, state and federal laws. No person in the Hunter Party may shall exceed the legal “bag limits” allowed by the laws.
  3. The Hunter Party must follow the guide’s recommendations and directions during the Activities.
  4. All firearms must be unloaded before entering and leaving all hunting blinds or stations.
  5. The Hunter Party must have their bolts open on all firearms when entering the lodge at the Property. All firearms are to be stored and kept in lockers or cubbies in the mud room and are not allowed throughout the lodge.
  6. The Hunter Party is responsible for making sure the areas beyond and around their intended target or animal are clear and free prior to discharging any firearm.
  7. The Hunter Party must sight any and all rifles that they are using in prior to their first hunt to ensure their rifle is safe, accurate and operating correctly. It is at BRB’s discretion to deem a rifle unsafe or disqualified from being used on the Property or during any Activities.
  8. Smoking is not allowed within the lodge or any other indoor facilities. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas. When a Hunter Party is in a designated area, it is mandatory to dispose of all cigarette butts in the designated containers to prevent damage to the Property and/or animals of the Property.
  9. No hunting boots are allowed in the lodge.
  10. No artifacts, sheds or ranch contents shall be removed from the Property at any time.
  11. No stalking or roaming around the Property unless approved by BRB or your guide.
  12. No personal vehicles are allowed to roam the Property and must remain in the guest parking areas while on the Property.
  13. The Hunter Party must follow all signs on the Property, including but not limited to fencing, speed limit, animal, and rules signs.
  14. The Hunter Party must report to their guide or BRB if any poaching, trespassing, or game violation is encountered on the Property.
  15. The Hunter Party must report to BRB any breaks or openings in fencing that they encounter along the Property.
  16. The Hunter Party must make sure all gates, including entry, are closed completely after passing through them. Upon driving in and out of the entry to the Property, we ask that you stop once you have passed through the gate and not to proceed until the gate has completely closed. Any defects or failures must be reported to BRB.
  17. Please be considerate of other guests. Excessive noise is not permitted. Excessive drinking is not permitted. Excessive profanity and/or vulgarity is not permitted.
  18. Please help us keep our lodge beautiful by picking up and placing trash in the designated containers and locations.
  19. BRB does its best to maintain energy and water efficiency and ask that all guests assist with shutting lights, fans, faucets and powered equipment off when not in use.
  20. Any animal(s) harvested outside of your hunting package will require full replacement cost according to the current fees and rates set for that animal(s). An animal is considered harvested once shot at during the hunt, regardless of animal being recovered or not.
  21. All game animals harvested on the Property will be treated with the respect they deserve. All efforts will be made to recover wounded or crippled animals regardless of size, gender or species. A Hunter who cripples or wounds an animal will be required to pay the full fees for professional tracking services inside the high fence of the Property at their expense when all efforts have been exhausted by ranch staff to recover animal successfully
  22. Maintain and incorporate all local, state and national government mandates and rules that are being set in place in response to any and all virus (including but not limited to COVID 19) outbreaks. This includes maintaining the proper social distancing and wearing any PPE (not provided by BRB) that is recommended by governments and CDC during regular and normal activities. Clean and wash hands post any hunting or activities as well as prior to any meal, gathering or drinking.
  23. Notify BRB personnel immediately upon any symptoms arising with change in temperature, fever, coughing, sore throat, vomiting or any other life changing symptom.
  24. Reframe from coughing or sneezing directly in the facial areas of other guests, employees or individuals at the Ranch to help maintain safe social practices.
  25. In efforts to protect the facility, other guests and staff, ALL guests are required to be fever and symptom free during their scheduled stay as well as 14 days prior to arriving at Ranch.


  • Texas Hunting License
  • Hunter Education Card/Certificate (if required, for details visist the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department or click here)
  • Flashlight
  • Proper Camouflage Hunting clothes (Note: be prepared for Texas weather conditions from 20-85 degrees during )
  • Hiking or hunting style boots for walking and/or stalking.
  • Rain Gear
  • Hunter orange for bird hunting
  • Firearm of choice along with ammunition
  • Proper Personal Protective Equipment such as ear plugs, eye glasses, gloves, boots
  • House/Lodge shoes (hunting boots are required to be left in Mud room
  • Coolers (1 – 48qt cooler is typical minimum for meat on a deer sized animal. For larger animals please consider additional cooler space)

Additional Recommendations to Bring

  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Hunting bag to carry items to and from hunting locations

You can contact our reservation desk or call us at 832-358-6098 to schedule your next hunt(s).

You will be greeted by one of the staff and you will be checked into your room. Immediately after you will be directed to fill out a liability release. Once you are finished, we will have lunch and then head to the rifle range. Everyone will be required to fire at least 2 shots. We will then head directly to the field to begin your hunt.

Hunting days are typically 2-3 hours in a blind at sunrise followed by another 2 hours mid day Safari style from a vehicle and then 3-4 hours in a blind before dark. These hunting times are just a guideline and can be adjusted to accommodate your groups specific needs. Night hunting is an exciting experience and is also permitted for hunting exotics. If your group should choose to partake in a night hunting Safari, you will not be able to hunt the following morning from a blind. This will allow the guides to rest.

Yes, BRB can provide any rifle necessary for the desired hunt. However, we do charge for the ammo that the Hunter(s) uses during his hunt.

No, BRB welcomes all ages, young and old, to come and enjoy the ranch and hunting experience and will provide the different accommodations as needed.

Our guides and staff work for tips and we ask that you consider tipping based off the experience you have had as they work hard to insure that your stay and experience is great! The industry standard for tipping is anywhere from 10-20% of your hunting package.

Our lodge and rooms are fully stocked with high quality sheets, blankets, pillows and towels during your stay with refresh and turn down service regularly throughout.

BRB provides a pre-check form and process that allows us to get direct feedback from each client on specific food allergies and preferences so that our delicious meals can accommodate all with no one feeling worried or left out.

BRB has trained and qualified staff that will insure that you are provided every direction and step along your experience to create a safe, and memorable first experience. Our staff will be along side you the entire time to insure all questions are answered.

No, BRB does not allow outside utility vehicles or ATVs. We have all the transportation that is needed onsite for any of your transportation needs throughout the ranch. We want your trip and experience to be as relaxing as possible and our staff is trained on site and ready to cater to your transportation needs during your stay on site.

The weather in central Texas varies greatly. We can experience temperatures from 20 degrees up to 85 degrees throughout the fall, winter and spring months. During the summer months the temperatures can reach into the high 90’s.

We have full service Taxidermy available on site. We can take care of all of your needs and the finished product can either be delivered back to the ranch within 12 months for free, so you can pick it up on your next trip. Or, shipped as soon as it’s finished directly to your home or business.

If you have a Taxidermist that you regularly use, we can assist you with caping your trophy so that you can take it with you. We understand loyalty and appreciate our loyal clients.

There is always the possibility to come across a varmint(s) during your stay, especially if you choose to do a night hunting Safari. Varmints include; jackrabbits, porcupines, raccoons, skunk, opossums, armadillos, grey fox, coyotes, bobcats or even mountain lion. There is no charge to shoot a varmint. We ask that if you choose to shoot a varmint that you mount it or utilize it in another way.

BRB Ranch is booking dates now for the 2018 and 2019 seasons.

Lock down your preferred dates for BRB Ranch today to reserve your group's trip. This is one easy step to start planning your trip and create memories of a lifetime.


BRB Ranch is booking dates now for the 2022 and 2023 seasons.
Lock down your preferred dates for BRB Ranch today to reserve your group’s trip. This is one easy step to start planning your trip and create memories of a lifetime.

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